food blogging – I dig it.

I have a huge blog roll on the side of my blog. There are way more blogs than I even read, actually, but I have frequented each of them from time to time, so I thought I’d share them, and also list them all so I don’t forget them.

For anyone who might be out of the loop, food blogging is a huge trend right now; it’s probably even bigger than I realize. The term basically describes a blog that centers around cooking, recipes and photography. I’ve found that food blogs inspire me to cook and find recipes in a much easier fashion than searching recipe websites like or epicurious. Most of the time, a food blogger is someone who enjoys cooking and understands ingredients well, which, to me, means that if I find a recipe on a food blog, it will be more straightforward and less touch-and-go than a recipe that I might find somewhere randomly on the Internet. Food blogs can greatly range in their individual scope; some are more gourmet, some are geared toward people with particular diets, and some have their distinction in the blogger’s ethnicity or locale.

I’ve really enjoyed being exposed to food blogging because it’s helped me learn a lot about cooking in a pretty short time. I also have embarked on trying to cook with whole, real foods since getting married and it’s been wonderful to find blogs of people who already do it, since I can learn from them and be exposed to new things incrementally. If this food blogging thing sounds like something you’re interested in, I would recommend clicking on a few links on the side of my blog and checking them out!


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