milk stuff pt. 2

So, in case you missed it, I made a big long post about why you should choose to drink good quality milk over the conventional store-bought stuff that is basically sterile and not actually that nutritious. It was a long post, so I figured I would do a fun little follow-up to sum up some info I shared and be a more personal take on the subject.

Top Ten Reasons why I like buying good milk:

1. It is much healthier for our bodies than regular conventional milk – vitamins, fat and enzymes remain that are destroyed or manipulated otherwise.
2. It is much better for the environment due to small-scale farming vs. large scale industrial farming.
3. It supports a local business, making it more sustainable for our local economy.
4. It tastes way better than store-bought milk. Creamy, sweet, and rich… yummy!
5. It is way more versatile than store-bought milk. You can use it to make butter, heavy cream, cheese, yogurt, kefir, ice cream, etc. I also use it in place of buttermilk if it starts to sour.
6. Though we pay around $5/gallon, we don’t drink it quickly – like many other real food products, you tend to eat or drink less when the food is of high quality.
7. I like knowing that the cows our milk comes from are very happy. They do not live a sickly life stuck in a feedlot, continually wallowing in their own waste.
8. There is something about drink milk nearly straight from the cow that makes me feel more connected with natural processes and helps me see how God naturally provides for us.
9. I think of it as a long-term investment in our health. I’m hoping that our family will have long, disease-free, cancer-free lives as a result of wise food choices.
10. It tastes good with lots of things: cereal, grilled cheese, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, breakfast, pie… I’ve pretty much already decided I’m going to have to make something fun tonight to eat with our fresh gallon of milk. Yum!

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