music to ourĀ ears

Hello friends! I hope this summer is finding you all well and wonderful. I personally am relishing it, although we have spent a lot of time traveling and not a lot at home. Fortunately it looks as though we now won’t be leaving any time soon, having driven and flown enough places to cover two summers, really. So we’ll be enjoying our new home that we moved into in June, decorating and making it… homey!

My husband, being the cooler and more in-the-know spouse (okay, I just made that up now, but maybe it’s true?) told me recently about a really sweet music website, and I wanted to pass along the scoop. Check out Although Pandora is nice for discovering new music, I hate the fact that you put in an artist that you want to listen to, but actually hear very little of that artist’s music. Not so with Grooveshark! It’s pretty much the Napster version of Pandora: you just type in an artist that you want to hear, and it pulls up a bunch of their music that you can listen to – for free – without having to install/download anything in the process. I like THAT!

I have to admit though, I don’t listen to music like I used to. The quantity of music that I ingest and the amount of time I spend listening to it have severely declined from that of a few years ago. But I still like to think that I have pretty good taste, so in conjunction with my shameless promotion of Grooveshark (TM) I wanted to leave you a short list of some good albums to listen to if you bother to go to the site. (Disclaimer: these are definitely not new albums, but I like them all the same.)

– Loney, Dear: Sologne
– Loney, Dear: Loney, Noir
– Broken Social Scene: You Forgot It In People
– Laura Hackett (self-titled)
– Misty Edwards: Fling Wide
– Lauryn Hill: MTV Unplugged
– Soul-Junk: 1960

and one year has come and gone

I guess I was busy or just not in a blogging mood or something, but it was our first anniversary recently. We have now been married one year! (Actually, one year, one month, and a couple weeks.)

I guess I could come up with something wise or interesting to say, but I just want to describe our wedding day, because there were so few people there and I haven’t really shared a lot about it with many people. And I don’t want to forget, either.

I woke up that morning after sleeping the last night in my old apartment. The only things of mine left in it were my personal items related to the wedding and honeymoon, my friends who had traveled from Illinois, and the sleeping bags they were borrowing from me. The day before we had moved all of our stuff and then that evening, we had done a open house at Willy’s and my new apartment. Needless to say, we were tired. Willy and I had errands to run that morning – making sure that the restaurant we were having the ceremony at knew we were coming (they had failed to return phone calls multiple times), checking on our cake at the local bakery (which wasn’t baked yet), and probably a couple other things I can’t remember.

We (being my parents, grandmother, friends Jenna and Tyler, Willy’s parents, brother, sister, sister-in-law and nephews) all headed out the ceremony site, a Presbyterian retreat center about 20-30 minutes away. It is a tiny spot but perfect – up on the hills of the Palouse – and we had a perfect day with gorgeous weather. I started out trying to make sure everything was organized the way I thought it should be, then realized after awhile that I still had to get ready for my own wedding and that I’d have to leave the last-minute stuff in other people’s hands. I went down and changed and then Amanda, my now-sister-in-law, did my make-up. Everything came together pretty fast, and suddenly, we were putting on my red sash that matched Willy’s tie. My dad was waiting for me. Time to start.

Honestly, I always thought that I’d be bawling as my dad led me down the aisle (which is this case included a walk on a path up to the ceremony). But I had pretty good composure, and I think I still had a million things on my mind that needed taking care of. My sweet dad said sweet things to me as we waited to be signaled by our photographer to come on up. After what felt like, well, a long time, we ascended the path, and then walked into the building to Over The Rhine’s “I Want You To Be My Love.” There aren’t any pictures that I’ve seen taken from the front of the room, but I kind of wish there were so that I could see how quick my face went from calm to completely emotional. Willy was crying already, and his mom was crying, and then I was crying too. It was a sweet moment that I’m never going to forget.

The ceremony was just what we wanted (and hopefully what the Lord wanted too), taking pictures was really fun, and then we ate a really yummy dinner and an even more yummy cake. I want some… now.

Things don’t always go as planned or turn out how you expect, but that’s life, even in the midst of a wedding. There were important people missing from the festivities who would have made it feel more complete. There was a relationship that was disintegrating even while a new one was being celebrated. The food took forever at dinner. Things happen. But if anything, I can see now that the Lord is even displaying His majesty in these times, asking if we will trust Him and just dwell in His safety and peace, or if we will become bogged down and so world-weary that we can’t find Him anymore.

The Lord gave me a special gift that day: my husband. That day I felt love just radiating off him, and he probably felt the same from me. I still feel it. Even in the midst of a broken world, the Lord gives us each other to love through Him.

It’s a beautiful thing.