oh the times, they are a chaaangin’

Today was completely and utterly an autumn day in Moscow. We had some pretty crazy-random downpours throughout the day that Willy watched through our big bay window in the living room. The birch tree outside is now changing from green to yellow and the leaves are on the driveway, on the front steps and finding their way inside the house. I think it’s going to be the earliest fall I’ve ever witnessed here in Moscow. (By the way, these are old pictures, but I still like ’em.)

Yesterday we went apple-picking and pressed eight or nine gallons of fresh cider with friends. I can’t get enough apple cider, it’s just so good and refreshing; and nothing you can buy from the store compares with the first sip taken after pressing. I also now have about 15 lbs. of apples sitting in my kitchen that I need to process into something. I made a French caramelized apple tart that is wonderful, but I’m thinking of doing applesauce next.

I don’t really see any warm weather coming our way, but it’s alright with me. I’m content this fall; I will be sipping coffee, tea and hot cider, curling up with good books, probably baking treats once in awhile and just enjoying life. The Lord has given me a lot of joy lately. I just feel like I can see Him in everything. And I’m also aiming to look for Him in things, too.

How are you?


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