give me Your eyes

There’s been a quick shift in both the time and the weather– so sudden that it’s rather surprising.

Almost all the leaves are down now. It has been warm, glorious fall weather recently, with all the glowing autumn light filling in spaces along sidewalks in the afternoons, silently encouraging people, “get outside while you still can!” I walked home from work one day, seizing the opportunity I had to relish it. But this past Sunday morning at 2:00 AM we switched to Daylight Savings Time, and I’m pretty sure that fall took that opportunity to completely run away… maybe somewhere east, who knows. We woke up to a solid rain with alternating fog and big gray clouds, and a knock on our bedroom door from Willy’s sister Emily, wanting a ride to work so she wouldn’t get soaked on her bike. Also, it was much, much colder.

That full, precious autumn color is fading away – the green, orange, mustardy-yellow, rusty and scarlet hues will disappear and give way to grays, browns and, well, that’s about it. Even the names are dull. Yet I like to think that God only takes away the obvious so that we will appreciate what we have, and search out the things that are precious, important or inspiring. After the day-long rain yesterday, I was sitting in our living room when Willy told me to look at the sky: it was brightly layered shades of pink and purple, and on the other side of the house, a sunset composed of dark purple, orange and yellow. We quickly put shoes on and got in the car to get to a better vantage point, but we could tell even as we left the house that the colors were fading. That sunset will have to be put to memory, and I really hope that I don’t forget how it lifted my spirits after a dark, dull, rainy, “this isn’t going away soon” sort of day.

I always want to be looking for God, because He’s always there. The sun is always behind the clouds, whether we see it or not.

Winter is beginning, autumn is receding like that sunset, but my hope is in the Lord; because He makes everything beautiful in HIS time. I always have something to look forward to.

Are you paying attention?


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