another day that’s gray

The spring here – at least to me – is eternal. It doesn’t seem to matter that much to me the rest of the year. I guess I forget about it when summers are so nice, fall is very pleasant and winter is definitely not as brutal as it could be. But when it becomes late March, then April, then May, and the proportion of cloudy, windy, rainy, snowy days (and sometimes one day encompasses all of that) vastly exceeds the warm days that I anticipate, I start to get a little stir-crazy. I’m not used to the length that our springs require.The first year I moved here it snowed in June.

I suppose that’s why I went to the plant sale last weekend at WSU. The idea of having a nice, colorful flower box on our front stoop reminded me of home – where, though the weather is crazy, it NEVER snows in June – and unfortunately I couldn’t resist the lure of basil and cilantro either. (Though, any smart or experienced plant owner or gardener would know that this is a little foolish.)

I was, in a silly way, hoping that having plants would help the weather get better. (It didn’t.) We also don’t have a south-facing window to put the plants in, or any window that gets direct sunlight, actually, so they aren’t getting any sun unless I remember to baby them when the sun actually shows up. Right now, though, my placing them by our back deck window seems to be working, but not in a way I’d anticipated. I’d forgotten until a couple days ago that there’s a heating vent right next to the window, which now is apparently fueling the rapid growth that my plants are going through now, getting tall, a little leggy, and, well, big. I don’t anticipate things going well for them if it continues. They need sun, they need bigger planters, they need a way to consistently get watered every day. They need summer, not a cold, unpredictable, wild weather-filled spring, which is all I can provide at this point. Hmm.

I think I can relate.