a week 18 update

Yesterday was the 18-week mark for the little one growing inside me. It’s pretty hard for me to believe I’m getting so close to week 20 – that will be 5 months (and about halfway there)!

In case you’re unfamiliar, the pregnant woman’s possibility of miscarriage is generally measured in how far along she is – and the chances greatly decrease as her pregnancy progresses. One thing that I have been amazed at learning is that babies can still survive at a very early point in their growth. According to about.com, babies born at 25 weeks (just over 6 months of gestation) have a 50% chance at survival, and it only gets better from there. That is AMAZING! We are definitely blessed these days with medical technology and information. Fortunately, I have had no reason for any concern so far, and being pretty healthy overall, I don’t really anticipate having any serious issues.

It’s easy to worry, though, and any sane mother-to-be probably does. I honestly have had a very easy pregnancy so far, so sometimes I get concerned that something is wrong since it’s been so peaceful, I haven’t gotten much of a belly yet, and haven’t felt much, beyond a couple weeks of nausea. I think today I might have felt a tiny movement, but when I tried to feel for more, I couldn’t detect anything else. I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to the week-by-week development guide recently, so I was surprised at how big the baby is getting already: around 5.6 inches long and almost 7 ounces. The exciting stuff is bound to start happening soon!

I'm pretty sure that belly you see is mostly just weight gain, but I guess I have an excuse...

In other news, things are finally picking up with trying to go to S. Korea. We are awaiting Willy’s FBI background check, which we know for a fact will be arriving soon – probably next week sometime; and we sent off his diploma to the ID Secretary of State to get an official notarization that was required. That should also arrive soon. So within one or two weeks, all paperwork needed for applying for a job will be done! He did send in his application in today – another big step. So we are probably nearly there in terms of knowing more and having more to share with family and friends who ask, “So how are things going with South Korea?” 🙂 It will be lovely to see some progress, as it’s a process that we started in early June. Recommendation to anyone interested in teaching English abroad: start 6 months before you want to leave and you will have much less stress in your life!

I’m starting to get more excited for the future: living in a new place, having our own apartment again, meeting new friends, trying new foods, and starting a new adventure together, completely foreign to both of us in many ways (the baby included)! Life is not what I would ever have predicted, but I’m always willing to embrace change and, with the Lord’s help and his Hope, look for the good in it.

4 thoughts on “a week 18 update

  1. looks like a baby belly to me! You look beautiful Elise! Thanks fur the update, I’ve been wondering how things are going in your pregnancy and korean adventures!

  2. Hi Elise,
    Wonderful picture! Glad the pregnancy and the plans for going to Korea are going well.
    Take care,
    Aunt Vickie

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