a tip for drinking enough water

[Preface] So for the past month or so I’ve been unemployed.

I’ve never particularly been one for routine, so honestly, I’ve kind of been enjoying the fact that I don’t have to get up at the same time every day and do the same things. I can eat breakfast when I want to (and decide if I want to cook it or be lazy about it), take a shower whenever, and go somewhere if I feel like it, or not. I usually choose not to because a) we’ll run out of money if I spend it every day, and b) my in-laws have every season of the show The Gilmore Girls, which I am slowly working my way through watching. (again)

Anyway, I digress. Though the ol’ “routine” and I have had some head-butts over the years, it has helped me in some ways. For instance, it is very good to have a time to brush your teeth every day. This has become a little lax since I’ve stopped eating breakfast and leaving the house every morning (just being honest here, folks). But the main routine I’ve had issue with since leaving work is consuming enough water. Every morning at work I would arrive with my 32 oz. Nalgene bottle filled and tried to always drink it all by lunch, at which time I’d refill it and drink the whole thing again by quittin’ time. It was a good routine, a good amount of water consumed during my work day, and one that I didn’t even really have to think about too much.

… Until now. I have been really, really bad about drinking enough water — which has meant I’ve been under-hydrated, had more digestive issues, and dealt with some pretty ugly dry skin and cracked lips. I’m also growing a tiny human inside me who would probably appreciate it if I’d drink enough water.

Today I finally devoted some of my lazy day brain time to the issue, and finally came to a somewhat obvious solution of what to do.

[Display of home-canned food] (LOC)

(photo credit)

Mason jars to the rescue! I realized that my problem was not a lack of trying, but a lack of a large container for my water: I don’t like having only an 8 to 16 oz.-ish glass that I have to keep refilling multiple times a day. The quart-sized mason jars are the same size as my Nalgene bottles, but are more appropriate for everyday, at-home use. I think I even drank four jars full of water today – a significant improvement from recent days!

Oh, by the way, I have to admit that my mason jar idea wasn’t original – I stole it from my pal Molly, whom I have observed doing it herself. Thanks Molly! 🙂 It’s one more great use for these jars, which I already love for everyday food storage in my kitchen, in addition to using them for canning, flower vases and home decor. Give it a try if you get the chance!

3 thoughts on “a tip for drinking enough water

  1. I love mason jars too! We have nice glasses we got at our wedding, but I almost always grab a mason jar to drink out of instead!

  2. I really love the new blog layout.

  3. I read something along the way a couple years ago, that drinking two glasses of water before breakfast, and trying to get a head start on your hydration is helpful. Often we discover by the afternoon that we haven’t had anything to drink and try to catch up but by then it’s too late. Drinking two glasses of water before I eat anything has become my only dependable routine…well, and maybe brushing my teeth. 🙂 You look beautiful in your eighteen week photo!

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