A new season

The clouds are moving fast today… it’s been raining a lot, and the fog was hanging out in the crevices of the hills when I looked out earlier this afternoon. (If you’re curious, it’s the exact same view as the picture on our blog header.)

Seasons and weather sometimes seem to be a perfect analogy for my moods and thoughts, and this winter and spring definitely worked out that way. The winter always feels long for me since I moved to Idaho – there were years in Moscow when there was about one week of warm-ish weather before the spring semester ended. I don’t think the weather here in Korea will be quite that bad, but it definitely has been a long winter for me! The combination of being a stay-at-home wife in a small town in a foreign country with no family or close friends and being pregnant and three weeks overdue, during the winter, was killer… not an experience I’d want to repeat. Time just seemed to craaaawwwl along. And I thought THAT was hard… then I became a mom!

Being a mom is lots of sacrifice, not much sleep, and insane amounts of nursing in the first few weeks. I love my beautiful daughter but I must admit that in some ways I am counting down to the 6-8 week mark, when she will (hopefully) start being less fussy, more interactive, and having longer sleep periods. She is almost five weeks now so that goal is not far off. And hmm, maybe I will get showers more frequently, and be able to do things around the house… Regardless, though, I do love getting to cuddle her, interact with her and figure out ways to get her to give me a big gummy smile. I know that this period is fleeting, though it feels long now.

Anyway, I’m connecting in my mind the fact that warmer weather is coming, and we’ll probably be more settled into a routine and able to enjoy it and each other. Sort of like when a bear emerges from hibernation when the winter is over, we will emerge from our cave when the season allows. I’ve seen some 60-degree days in the forecast soon and I can’t wait for them to arrive, and can’t wait to share them with Eleanor.