It’s been too long since I’ve written here consistently, and I miss it. So I’ve decided to start participating in a link-up called Five Minute Fridays, where every week, women all over the place write for five minutes about one topic in particular. I know that the days and months of my mothering life are starting to whiz by, and I’m hopeful that this will be a good way to keep me writing and holding onto my memories, so that someday I can share them with my babies.

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She may be only eight months old, but I see every day how deeply her roots are sunk into me. Sometimes it’s setting her down on the floor and walking into the other room and watching her expression become entirely altered and frantic, even if her dad is there; other times it’s when she meets someone new and lays her head on my shoulder, smiling and yet clinging to me. There’s really nothing like it that I’ve felt before: being what grounds her and makes her feel secure.

Yesterday I pulled out the vacuum just like every other week, placed her in her walker, and started it up. Unlike what she usually does, though – smiling and screeching – she got upset, scrunching her nose up and turning the corners of her mouth down as she does when she’s scared. At first I was a little bugged and wondered why this time was different than the others. But her crying didn’t stop, so I came up with a new solution. I grabbed the baby carrier, put it on, stuck her in, and picked up the vacuum handle again. She snuggled close as the noise started up, laying her head on me and quieting down.

I went about my business, remembering how I did this same thing when she was a just a few weeks old, which wasn’t so long ago. (Of course now she’s much heavier.) I think, these moments won’t last too much longer. I’ll choose to relish the moment to be close – be her roots – and not let frustration take first prize.