Another Five Minute Friday!

Five Minute Friday

My mom took to calling me a “water baby” when I was growing up. I remember many times of her and my brother being out of the pool, ready to leave and I just didn’t want to get out. I loved the water, plain and simple, and I still do. I jumped off the diving board at our local pool earlier than my older brother did. And though I’ve never been a good diver I still remember many cannonballs, flips and crazy jumps off the board and into the water.

My baby is starting to remind me of myself. She watches the bathtub fill up and screams with delight at the noise and the splashing and the feel of it all. Her little legs kick back and forth, over and over and we grin big grins, her single-toothed smile stretching wide. I bask in her enjoyment and sometimes I wonder if this little one will dive better than I ever did. Whatever she does – diving, cannonball-ing, or just delighting in splashing around – she will take on the water and enjoy it in her own way. She might be like her mamma but mostly she will be herself.



2 thoughts on “Dive

  1. thanks for you comments on my blog.
    Our daughters take some good some bad from their mothers, but will always be exactly what God made them to be.

  2. Oh, she is adorable! What a joy to see a tiny bit of yourself in your children.
    Hugs XX

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