5-minute Friday here again…

Five Minute Friday

Join up and link up and be inspired 🙂




Kisses on my face from my husband (even when I wanted some alone time)

Kisses on my baby’s soft cheeks

Watching the baby smile and play and give joy to others

Coffee amidst early morning yawns

Eleanor learning the word “up”

A warm fireplace on a cold night

The feeling of just how cold it actually is outside

Danielson playing in the car

A day full of family

Refreshment on the inside from a good talk with friends

Feeling held in the palm of His hand, cherished, blessed, challenged, and given grace, day after day after day…


5 thoughts on “Cherished

  1. beautiful. I love your words of being cherished and things you cherish. Thanks for sharing

  2. I love your reflection on cherished. Today was my first day and this is fun and encouraging.


  3. very sweet and does give me the feeling of being cherished..

  4. Those are truly things to be cherished. How often we overlook the ‘tiny’ things when really we should enjoy every minute of them! Thanks!

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