storing up wisdom

One of my greatest disappointments these days is that I will never be able to cook with my grandma. Grandma March passed away in a fatal car accident when I was 11 years old. She was an amazing woman who married at 17 (or maybe younger?), lived through the Great Depression and her husband’s deployment during WW II, raised 7 children, and persevered despite many ups and downs. Due to her life experiences, I’m sure she must have had tons of good advice on living frugally. The strongest memories that I associate with her are strongly tied to her good cooking and her love of gardening. I specifically remember a meal where she served homemade applesauce, something my mom didn’t usually make. These days when I think of her, I wonder how much I missed out on by not being old enough to have an interest in cooking with her and learning from her. (Seriously… I want to befriend someone else’s grandma who can school me in cooking!)

These days I live far from my older family members who are still living, making it difficult to access their collective memory. So I scour the Internet for recipes, peruse cookbooks, and experiment in order to learn on my own. But there is something to be said for having someone clearly outline methods and tools for cooking healthy, frugal meals for your family. (Just because your mother did it doesn’t mean that you will know how! Especially if you are as bull-headed as I was growing up. God bless my poor mom.) Enter Leila of the blog Like Mother, Like Daughter. She is a Catholic mother of 7 who is probably not dissimilar to my grandma. I love to read her blog and hear her wisdom on all sorts of topics: child-rearing, cooking and meal-planning, keeping a home, and basically any area related to being a mom and wife.

Basically I’ve decided I need to quote some of her wisdom here to start my own contribution to the “collective memory,” as she calls it. I love reading blogs and frankly, my own brain’s memory banks cannot keep up. I will read something she or others write and it stays with me for a out a day, then just dissipates once I start reading again the next day. So, in an attempt to not lose those prized nuggets of wisdom, I want to post them here. Now, here’s to storing into and up-keeping my own memory.