52 Photo Project: 1/52, 2/52

I’ve been wanting to participate in the 52 Project for a long time, but have been waiting until the first of the year to do it (and even now, I’m late starting! Oh well, better late than never). If you’re not familiar with it, the basic premise is to post a portrait once a week for a year; at the end of the year, you will have a collection of weekly photos taken of your subject and – if you desire to be taking photos regularly – a tangible goal met.

I’m planning to use Eleanor as my subject, of course. Maybe this will keep her grandparents happy, too! 🙂 This first week will be a two-week catch-up. Though I would love to be using our DSLR every week, it may not happen, so I suppose that iPad photos are better than nothing. Hopefully if taking photos becomes a habit, I will be more inclined to get out the nice camera when I want a picture.


First week of the year! We enjoyed playing with her new Christmas toys and still having family around the house post-holidays.


enjoying using her new window markers to scribble on the glass


cleaning her face after we made a batch of pancake mix


the “reading basket” I made to keep her occupied while I folded laundry



we don’t really do bath toys much, because she much prefers bowls and cups


Grandma’s house is full of fun kitchen toys that Eleanor loves


this is the expression I get when I say “smile!” … lovely, isn’t it?

-linking up with The 52 Project at Practising Simplicity


One thought on “52 Photo Project: 1/52, 2/52

  1. I love the reading basket and I want one for myself.

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