Are you familiar with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City? If you’re not, you should be. (And yes, their acronym is IHOP. moving on…) With the leading of the Lord, they have been holding a solemn assembly of worship and prayer 24/7 since 1999 – around the clock praising God! They have a variety of ministries that are doing amazing things in KC, the US and around the world. Our former campus ministry directors, Jason and Kara Kelly, are currently on staff there and Willy and I have visited there twice and been blessed by what God has taught us and challenged us with.

One of the things that I appreciate about IHOP is that the worship is different than anything I’ve ever heard growing up in church. The cool thing about there being 24/7 worship and prayer is that God really births songs in that atmosphere that are in Him and through Him. I have long struggled with listening to contemporary Christian music because it seems to often be either monotonous, uninspired or meant for radio play. I don’t think that IHOP is perfect by any means, but I always feel the spirit of the Lord there in an intimate way. Their emphasis on an intimate relationship with the Lord, seeing ourselves as His Beloved and His Bride, has changed how I worship and even my understanding of the point of worship.

I posted recently about Grooveshark, a great online music listening and sharing site. I discovered not long after that it is a great source for listening to music from IHOP. IHOP puts out “limited edition” releases every other month, featuring new content from the prayer room. You can buy these directly from IHOP, but Grooveshark also has many of them available! Some of the artists that I really like from IHOP are Laura Hackett, Misty Edwards, Justin Rizzo, Luke Wood and Jaye Thomas. You can also just search for “IHOP” or “International House of Prayer” and you’ll get plenty of results.

There’s a song I want to share in particular that I’ve gleaned from Grooveshark called “I Will Praise – Ps. 34” by Jaye Thomas. I am so blessed listening to it because it reminds me what my posture as a child of the Most High should continually be. I should always be remembering the Lord, worshiping Him, acknowledging Him, and when I am weak, He picks me up, and He ALWAYS restores us and looks at us as His Beloved. He does not condemn us or see us as others do. He sees us as no one else does (or can).

I’m telling you, I’ve listened to this song at least 10-15 times, and every single time God’s love for me literally moves my heart and makes me want to cry. He wants to encourage you too so listen to it! 🙂 (link below)

I Will Praise – Ps. 34 by Jaye Thomas & team

You can also check out the Prayer Room live:

IHOP Prayer Room webstream


music to our ears

Hello friends! I hope this summer is finding you all well and wonderful. I personally am relishing it, although we have spent a lot of time traveling and not a lot at home. Fortunately it looks as though we now won’t be leaving any time soon, having driven and flown enough places to cover two summers, really. So we’ll be enjoying our new home that we moved into in June, decorating and making it… homey!

My husband, being the cooler and more in-the-know spouse (okay, I just made that up now, but maybe it’s true?) told me recently about a really sweet music website, and I wanted to pass along the scoop. Check out Although Pandora is nice for discovering new music, I hate the fact that you put in an artist that you want to listen to, but actually hear very little of that artist’s music. Not so with Grooveshark! It’s pretty much the Napster version of Pandora: you just type in an artist that you want to hear, and it pulls up a bunch of their music that you can listen to – for free – without having to install/download anything in the process. I like THAT!

I have to admit though, I don’t listen to music like I used to. The quantity of music that I ingest and the amount of time I spend listening to it have severely declined from that of a few years ago. But I still like to think that I have pretty good taste, so in conjunction with my shameless promotion of Grooveshark (TM) I wanted to leave you a short list of some good albums to listen to if you bother to go to the site. (Disclaimer: these are definitely not new albums, but I like them all the same.)

– Loney, Dear: Sologne
– Loney, Dear: Loney, Noir
– Broken Social Scene: You Forgot It In People
– Laura Hackett (self-titled)
– Misty Edwards: Fling Wide
– Lauryn Hill: MTV Unplugged
– Soul-Junk: 1960